Specialized Moving Companies in Fort Walton Beach, FL

One of the Top Moving Companies in Fort Walton Beach, FL & Surrounding AreasSpecialized Moving Companies in Fort Walton Beach, FL

As one of the top specialized moving companies in Fort Walton Beach, FL, Bonded Transportation has over 80 years’ experience in helping families and businesses move in and out of the area. We work hard to ensure we are on time, on target, and within your budget. During the course of those years, we have learned there are times when standard packing boxes won’t get the job done.

There will be some items that require oversized crating and others that need special handling and packing to ensure they will make the journey to their new home safely and arrive in the same condition in which they left. Rather than trying to come up with your own DIY crating, our team of specialized movers and packers offers a range of customizable service to meet your local, long distance and international moving needs.


Specialized Moving and Storage Solutions

Our Fort Walton Beach, FL teams have access to the latest specialized moving and storage solutions, a global network for international moves, and state-of-the-art storage facilities. If you’re moving your great grandmother’s antique upright piano, we can help. If you’re relocating your IT server with your entire business on board, you can trust Bonded Transportation to make your move seamless and as stress-free as possible. You will be working with your personal moving consultant throughout the entire process.

We offer a range of specialized moving services, including:

  • Pianos – We can handle any type of piano you need to move.
  • Tradeshows – As one of the top specialized moving companies in Fort Walton Beach we’ve got you covered from your supplies to your display cases.
  • Hotels – Our hotel moving services can help move appliances, furniture, electronics, and more.
  • Electronics and computers – Trust our experts to handle your electronics, computers, and IT servers safely and securely.
  • Medical and lab equipment – Most lab and medical equipment tends to be oversized and costly, our teams know how to handle it all with the necessary care.


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No matter why you need specialized moving services, you can count on Bonded Transportation, one of the best specialized moving companies in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Contact us today to arrange for one of our moving coordinators to visit your home or facility and create a customized moving plan that meets your needs and budget.

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