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Fort Walton Beach Storage Services

Finding a provider of storage services that you can trust with your irreplaceable personal or commercial property may seem like a challenge—but Bonded Transportation is here to make your decision easy. A premier Fort Walton Beach storage service provider since 1934, we’ve supported local families and businesses for more than 80 years. Whether you have a basic household storage request or something a little more specialized, we have the experience, resources, and spacious warehousing facilities you can rely on!

Large Facilities with Exceptional Storage Services

When it comes to Fort Walton Beach storage solutions, you simply can’t beat the range of services available from Bonded Transportation. Depending on the number, size, and value of your household or commercial items, we’ll help you choose from our many distinct storage options:

  • Vaulted Storage: With your items carefully wrapped and packed into a private wooden vault, this storage option is both secure from unwanted access and protected from the elements. Because the vaults are portable, they’re also a great choice for combined moving and storage projects.
  • Palletized Storage: Similar to vaulted storage, palletized storage involves placing your belongings into compact pallets, which can then be organized and stacked. Given the ease of taking inventory and moving them around, pallets are especially ideal for commercial storage needs like warehousing and distribution.
  • Open Racking: For the most affordable and easily accessible storage solution, you can’t beat our open racking system! This style is perfect for items that do not require maximum security or that must be quickly transferred or distributed.

Fort Walton Beach Storage Solutions for Any Household or Business

Whichever type of storage is best for your commercial or household storage in Fort Walton Beach, we’ll work with you to create a customized solution that suits your every need. Our clean, modern facilities span more than 46,000 square feet and are protected by the most advanced fire and theft alarms in the industry. Offering flexible short- and long-term storage periods as well as a meticulous inventory management system, we make sure your storage experience is easy from start to finish!

Free Estimates for Storage Services In Fort Walton Beach

As a locally based and family owned business, we’re committed to delivering professional Fort Walton Beach storage services with a personal touch. Call Bonded Transportation today to learn more about our household and commercial storage, or get your free quote by completing our fast online form now!