summer interstate moving

At Bonded Transportation, we excel in helping you achieve a simplified, budget-friendly summer move. Moving out of state is most frequent during the summer months for a variety of reasons. With the kids out of school and many people switching both careers and cities, summer can be a great time to move. However, it’s essential to follow some hot-weather moving tips to make your move simple and ensure everyone stays cool.

Plan Ahead – Whether you’re renting a moving truck for a DIY relocation or hiring a professional Pensacola interstate moving company, you’ve got competition. Summer is, far and away, the busiest time for moving. Be sure you plan well in advance to secure your reservation so you're not left high and dry.

Plenty of Water – It’s vital to provide both your moving crew and your family with plenty of water on moving day. With Pensacola heat and humidity, heat stroke and other heat-related ailments are more likely and can become very serious. By providing plenty of water you can be sure that everyone stays hydrated and the jobs gets done both efficiently and safely.

Check Weather – One of the most important Pensacola residential moving tips is the importance of checking the weather before your planned moving day. Extreme heat, humidity, and rain can all take place within the same day in Pensacola. By being prepared and knowing the weather beforehand you can plan ahead to make your move easier.

Keep Items Protected – Electronics, candles, food, and even some forms of furniture are not ideal for a hot and humid moving van. Plan ahead to make sure your items stay in their original condition and to ensure there are no messes to clean up afterward.

These residential summer moving tips are made to make your summer move both more cost-effective and safe. Summer moving brings a lot of unique challenges; by finding a moving company you can trust, those challenges can be alleviated and addressed before the big moving day.

Trust Bonded Transportation to get you to your new home with our premier interstate moving services. With our highly trained staff and our numerous services, we can simplify your move to ensure that everything run smoothly. Contact Bonded Transportation today to submit a free quote and learn more about how we can assist with your summer move. 

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