I am the owner of a moving company in the state of Alabama! I was contacted by someone who went by the name “Kevin”. This Kevin guy told me he needed a move for the following day and gave me the address. I advised of a deposit of $45 I charge everyone to lock in their move. He claimed he was having some family issues and asked if he could just add the $45 to the total on the day of his move. I normally would not do this but with the move being the next day I decided to help him out. The next day I sent a two man crew as requested to complete the job with who I believed was for Kevin. After completion of the job. My main guy showed the customer the contract with the total who then told him he needed to contact his boss. Very confused my worker thought he was contacting me but quickly realized the person on the phone was not me(his boss). My worker immediately started asking him who he has been communicating with and he tells us he has been speaking with a guy name “kevin” In Pensacola. Confused of what is going on my customer and my worker call “kevin” who explains to my worker this is a contracted job. I was not made aware that this would be a contracted job. I was even given a story about “family” issues to avoid the payment of a deposit. The customer shows my worker invoices from this company where they charged him a deposit. This company then ask my workers how much the total was for the job. My worker tells them and they send the customer a invoice with an additional $100 added to the balance. The customer very confused at this point does not know who to pay but has already paid this company a deposit so would prefer to pay them. This company tells my workers they will send us the total of what we charged once they receive the payment from the customer. Ultimately my worker advised the customer to pay us but leaving the option up to them because they are just as confused and unaware of the situation as us he decides to pay them and pays the additional $100. They did send us a partial payment and claimed they would send the rest once received from customer but my workers watched the customer send the entire amount. Two days later and we still NEVER received the full amount for a job we did because this company collected it. When contacting the company they claim Kevin was doing this without their knowledge but all of the invoices sent to my customer have their company logo on it. They even sent my companies customer information form to the customer claiming it was from them. Needless to say… do not go through this company. You will be confused at the end of the job and you will be charged a large deposit and an additional $100 dollars for no reason & they will not pay the workers that actually did the job. Just contact an actual moving company within your area. They also contacted us 8 hours before the job needed to be completed but had already taken the deposit from the customer. What if they would not have found a company in that short amount of time? Would the refund the deposit? I don’t believe so, considering they didn’t send us our full payment for a job MY COMPANY DID!!
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