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Organizing a cross-country relocation is often a complex task. From paperwork to packing to storage, there are a great many things to consider. However, with professional interstate movers on your side, you’re assured a seamless, stress-free transfer. When you need experts in the industry for a long-haul move, trust Bonded Transportation for a positive experience every time. As America’s long-standing pros, you’ll not only get knowledgeable interstate movers, but you’ll also receive friendly assistance.


Interstate Moving & Storage Services

How can our interstate movers help you? Whether it’s one state over or clear across the country, Bonded Transportation can support you with every step of your transfer. Our wide assortment of affordable options ensures you always get the help you need. Thanks to fully customizable plans, you’re assured a budget-friendly means of getting where you need to go. Typically, our packages include such options as:

  • Wrapping, Boxing, and Crating – By far, one of the most time-consuming aspects of a transfer is packing. Luckily, we offer wrapping, boxing, and crating services to speed up this process. Our savvy pros will get you all packed up in no time.
  • Loading and Unloading – With modern equipment and tools, our interstate movers can load and unload your shipment safely, without any risk of damage.
  • Real-Time Tracking – We offer real-time tracking for your shipment, so you always know the whereabouts of your belongings.
  • Disassembly and Assembly – To avoid possible breakage or damage, it’s best to disassemble items like entertainment units and workstations for travel. Our interstate movers have ample experience with disassembly and assembly, so they can handle that aspect of your move as well.
  • In-Home Set-Up – Once we’ve unloaded your shipment, we won’t just leave you to deal with everything yourself! Bonded Transportation can also help set-up your home completely. Instead of several months, we can shrink your move-in time down to a few days – possible even a few hours.


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